Production Planning - Materials NeedJust added another helpful feature and in addition to the available materials stock You can now see the needed amount of materials during Production Planning on Machines dynamically as You type in the planned production quantities. If the stock level on any material is too low for Your planned production quantity, it will be highlighted in red.

Injection moulding companies are often producing parts with different tool configurations where 2 +2 or more combinations of parts are moulded in a single shot. Now, Petkafy is smart enough to know that, of course and in addition to remembering Your tool configurations, it will also fill in the coproduct quantities when You do the production planning to save time and eliminate mistakes.

So in case You have a tool that produces 2 pcs of LH part and 4 pcs of RH part in a single shot for some reason and You want to produce 2000 pcs of LH part and 4000 pcs of RH part, You will only have to input the quantity of LH part and the quantity field of RH part is automatically prefilled as You type with the correct values. You can override it and enter another coproduct quantity manually as well, but normally You would not need to do that as it is not very efficient to close a cavity, or even worse, to scrap some good parts during the production.


If You have not defined co-products in the Product master data, Petkafy learns them from Your production planning and just as You add the coproducts to Your plan, it will already know their bill of material and therefore will also show You the correct material need just as You type in the production quantities even when the part has never been produced before. Not bad in my oppinion.

It will definitely save time and prevent planning errors, if You can see the needed resources correctly without comparing different files, views or documents during production planning. This is what we stand for.

Required Material Quantities can be seen while Planning Production