Petkafy Import HelpersWe have just finished improving the Import tool of Petkafy Cloud versions where importing data from Excel files is quite important for efficient operations.

There are now proper sample files available for all importable data models, so You can just modify the file with Your own data and the import should work without complications. This allows You to import almost anything from Workers to Items (Products) and Delivery Schedules and to start managing Your production based on the existing data immediately.

The most efficient way of using Petkafy is still by having a perfect data syncronization with Your ERP directly (possible only on Site Install), but we have customers importing data from Excel files daily and it is far better than running Your company only on Excel or inserting all data into management systems manually.

Bu, please just go ahead, try it out an let us know if we could still improve something.

Petkafy DEMO

Import Helpers and Sample Files Available
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