Automatically available for all machines and whole factory

OEE Calculation ExplainedBased on production and quality reporting Petkafy automatically generates Capacity Utilization and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) statistics overview for all Your machines.

Clear, self-explaining and visual

We haven’t really googled to check, but it could be the first manufacturing software that explains and visualizes each Capacity Utilization and OEE component so that even a person without prior knowledge can understand the logic behind each calculation. The fact is that many of our automotive contacts and cooperation partners have been sincerely surprised to see such a clear approach and have copied the same layout in their manufacturing and reporting systems even if they do not use Petkafy at all.

There is an explanation behind each calculated line and cell when using Petkafy and you will never have to process Your manufacturing and quality reports in Excel again to get the correct Capacity Utilization, OEE or Productivity Index (Capacity Utilization x OEE). It is simply there for each machine and the whole factory.

A perfect benchmark for a group

In case You are a group of factories with standardized scrap and stoppage codes, it is the perfect benchmark between all sister plants without providing reasons or opportunities to process the collected data in different ways to achieve different results.

Handles multi-item production correctly

We would like to emphasize once more that since Petkafy knows Your tool configurations and is able to handle simultaneous production of different items in one shot, it is calculating the production hours and OEE always correctly. It means that Your production hours and OEE will never be distorted even if You close some tool cavities to balance Your stock or for whatever the reason may be. This is especially useful for injection moulding companies, because in many cases You cannot get a correct Capacity Utilization and OEE calculation even from expensive ERP-s. Petkafy used in sync with an existing ERP, however, can solve such problems for good.