Comment Tools or MachinesIt is now easy to communicate in Petkafy in case of issues related to tools, machines or any other equipment.
Just click on the comments icon next to the tool or machine number in Maintenance Plan and a comments block appears where You can enter as many notes related to this tool as You like. You can edit or delete Your own comments and Your colleagues can answer or share their information in the same place.

Comment Tools or MachinesBy default all new comments are highlighted and also the comments icon and the tool or machine name will be in different colour, so it is easy to notice important issues even if You have a long list of hundreds of tools in the same view. If the open issues related to comments are solved, You can simply click on the red flag next to the comment and it becomes grey. If there are no open issues any more the tool number and comments icon will be rendered in their original color again.

This functionality is already taken in use since yesterday by one of our customers having more than 500 active injection moulding tools, so don’t hesitate to try it, because it might help You to remember issues that are noticed in production and to plan the maintenance of Your machines and tools more efficiently.

Comment Tools, Machines or Other Equipment
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