Production Plan ActionsAs a small update You can now create and acess Production Orders and see the reported production directly from the Machines Planning (Machine Schedule) view.

Just click on the small arrow on any planned job in the Machine Schedule and a submenu appears where You can select to update the planning, create a new Production Order, see the existing production orders or see the Production Reports that are already reported for Your planned job.

Create Production Order from Machine ScheduleIf You choose to create a new Production Order a prefilled production order form will appear, so in the best case You will only have to press Save and You are taken to the issued order. The Machine Schedule is updated in the background as well and there will be a small yellow dot next to the item for which You have created the Production Order.


Once the reporting starts You can view all the Production Reports related to the planned job with a single click now in case the job progress in the status column makes You want to see the data in detail for some reason.

Production Reports at a GlanceThe good thing about Production Reports in Petkafy is that You don’t even have to create Production Orders in case You do not need them at all or You are using an ERP to issue Production Orders and the Production Reports are still linked to Your Machine Schedule when production is reported. Sounds a little bit like magic, but actually the link is just created based on best fit algoritm that is looking at Your machine schedule and creating a logical connection to the reported data.

I know these are not some major improvements, but small things like these will ceratainly make the life of a production planner a bit easier.

Access Production Orders and Reports from Machine Schedule Directly