Production Reporting including ScrapSome of our customers have asked for this functionality, so we created a separate scrap stock that can be used to track and store your rejected parts in Petkafy. You can call it quarantine, reject stock or however you like, but the meaning is simple – in some cases you need to keep track of your reject items almost as good as you do with your normal stock, but such activities should not disturb the normal process.

So from now on rejects that are registered as repairable or reworkable when reporting production or quality control are automatically taken to so-called scrap stock in Petkafy, because you might want to either reuse or recycle this material or rework the parts and therefore they must be available “somewhere in the system” for this and not to be forgotten.

View Item DemandThis existing rejects stock is not displayed as part of the normal stock, because obviously you cannot deliver these parts to your customers, but it is visible as a separate figure when you look at your item demand and it can be both viewed and managed pretty much the same way as normal stock through managing your inventory.

This way in one hand the scrap that you can still reuse is not lost from the system, but on the other hand it does not confuse you when taking decisions for production and deliveries.

So if you rework the rejected parts with let’s say flashes and they become good parts again, you can take this quantity backt to “normal stock” just by changing the inventory row in your inventory management view.

Reject Stock Administration

Scrap Stock Created
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