Petkafy FactoryFloor maintenance reportingWe have recently launched Petkafy application called FactoryFloor that runs on any Android based device and allows to see and report maintenance and repairs directly at the location of any machine or tool. A mobile application is nice to have here, because you can report anything on the go when all the relevant information and ideas are still fresh and it can also measure the actual time to perform different maintenance tasks from start to finish.

In addition to pending maintenance tasks users can see instructions and pictures related to each task for correct performance and you can even add spare parts from Petkafy spare part stock to each report, so the parts get taken off from the warehouse when the report is saved and are always visible with reports in the machine or tool maintenance history.

Petkafy Factory Floor problem notificationThe application is not only great for reporting, but allows any user with respective rights to record notices when maintenance or repair is needed. This means that your employees can register cases when a machine is leaking oil or a tool breaks down simply by tapping two buttons on his or her mobile phone and it becomes visible for the maintenance team. The user can also set new status to the machine or tool if needed to let your production department know about such issues as well.

All data in the application is synced with maintenance system in Petkafy server and updates are therefore visible from any computer in the office too, so instead of being just a separate standing application, it works as a mobile and operational tool of Petkafy taking full advantage of the server’s computing power of and providing same picture throughout the company.

So in a way the new app is a leap forward in executing our ideas for mobile operational data management on factory floor and we will be actively working on in the same direction. Let’s see where it takes us.

Petkafy Maintenance Reporting in Android Application