Petkafy Premium FreightIn automotive it is an ISO/TS 16949 standard requirement to monitor any premium freight and use it as an input to management review. There are several reasons for this, but the main argument is that in case You or Your supplier will have to deliver something with higher costs than the standard shipment would have, Your cost of operations will increase in the end and will result in higher costs to Your customer. You can agree or not, but the truth is that directly or indirectly You as a customer will pay for any inefficiency of Your suppliers and therefore it does not make much difference if You paid the bill Yourself or it was Your supplier who did.

Anyhow, Petkafy can now help You to monitor premium freight.

Petkafy Deliveries Premium FreightWhen making a delivery You can simply select that it was premium and it will appear in the Delivery Precision statistics as such. To make it very comfortable we even added the possibility to modify the delivery line and say that it was actually made using premium freight right there in the statistics view. So in case Your data is synced from an ERP and special deliveries are not monitored by that You still have a nice interface to get the statistics right with just a few clics.

Petkafy Receipt Premium FreightPretty much the same can be done during purchase as well. When creating a receipt You can state that it was a premium delivery and the receipt list will show it to You also. In case You want to modify many lines at once or Your receipts are synced from an ERP and You want to monitor special deliveries only in Petkafy You can edit the status of deliveries directly from the receipts list view.

Automotive is tough and Your auditors can be strict as well, but even if all Your receipts and deliveries state that it was not a premium freight, You have it there stated behind every line meaning there is solid statistics to demonstrate that You are monitoring Premium Freight. There have just been no such cases. And if You really have special deliveries every now and then they are very easy to record now in Petkafy. This approach has been proven to be effective during many third party audits over the years and in case we hear that something more is required we will certainly incorporate it in Petkafy again.

Until then I guess none of us want complicated solutions where something simple that doesn’t require too much administration can perform very well.

You can monitor Premium Freight in Petkafy