Petkafy Product VisibilityYou can now share the main sales data of Your products in Petkafy with anyone in the internet.

Simply click on the tick mark next to each product in the Products list view and the tick mark becomes green meaning that the sales data of Your product can now bee seen globally without the viewer being a registered Petkafy user at all. The product can be made public during master data input and update too, of course.

Petkafy Admin Product Visibility

Just in case You might be worried about the confidentiality, here is the list of data that would be public:

  • part number,
  • part description,
  • part specifications (if any),
  • item group (for sorting purposes),
  • tags related to the item,
  • stock level,
  • sales price,
  • product photos,
  • Your company contact details

Nothing more can be seen and even this data is not available for any other products that You have not made public. Your comments and Your manufacturing data is for Your eyes only, of course and the listed information is just sufficient to ignite interest in Your potential customers. Anyone interested can contact Your company directly to discuss the product and business further.

The list of Your public items can be seen like this by any guest visiting Your company’s Petkafy instance from the menu directly if You have at least one public item.

Pektafy Public Products

Clicking on the product will open the detailed view like this:

Petkafy Public Product Details

If You have made a product public and want to share a direct link to it with anyone, You can click on a part number or description or the magnifying glass icon in Products administration page and copy the link given in the opened detailed view of Your product.

Petkafy Public Item Link

I use this functionality myself to get rid of my hobby car parts that I don’t need every now and then, because it is very simple to provide a link in respective forums or portals showing the stuff I have and in case someone is interested I get a phonecall or an e-mail and can provide more data or close the deal. And yes, I manage my personal inventory in Petkafy too – it is that great.

I hope it can benefit You as well.

You can let the world see Your products
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