Nothing major to report, but You can now search the following things in Petkafy by any significant characteristic that You can remember:

– products,
– customers,
– suppliers,
– stock,
– tools,
– other equipment.

Improved Search Function

Why is it nice to have?

Well, I know it is just a small improvement, but it is mainly good for three things:

1. You might just know that the item had something to do with “Cap”, but cannot remember was it the customer or the item description or something else. Petkafy will provide You results anyhow.

2. Any filtering that You might have previously done will be disabled when hitting “Search” button, so You will certainly get Your desired result if it exists in the database at all.

3. Search results will be stable meaning that if You have searched for “Cap” and You have three results, You can go and change something on one of the listed items. You will be redirected right back to the search results list once You have saved Your changes, so You will not have to search again for the same keyword every time You edit or delete something.

Anyhow, Ctrl+F should still be Your best friend when working with longer lists in any web based system, but I believe search function can be useful in some cases too.

Search Function Available for Products, Tools, Customers, etc. in Petkafy