Petkafy Spare PartsYou can now control spare parts needed for Your machine and tool maintenance or repair in Petkafy.

Spare parts stock can be managed just like You did with other items so far, but improved filtering will allow You to have a clean overview and separate the spare parts in any transactions.

Petkafy Spare Parts Stock

The stock transactions can be made in the Stock admin view as shown above, but also automatically when reporting machine or tool maintenance. Just add the parts that You used and they will be taken off from the stock and added to the maintenance report. In case You want to update or delete the maintenance report the attached parts will be taken back to stock in the right amount, of course.

Petkafy Spare Parts Transaction


Petkafy Maintenance Log

We added a few parameters to item master data, so the Products can be classified to be a spare part or some chemical (just to allow the user to control chemicals according to ISO 14001) and linked to machines or tools for internal use. The reference to internal use is created only for information purposes and is useful in case You have some dedicated spare parts and You want to see what machine or tool it belongs to. As Petkafy is a flexible system it is not mandatory, of course, so this link can be freely used for Your own reference purposes.


Manage Spare Parts Stock in Petkafy