No More Manual Data Processing

Petkafy Scrap and Stoppage PieThere is no point in gathering data if You cannot use it. It often happens that manufacturing companies are collecting a lot of data on production reports, but there are no automatic systems to process and visualize it and therefore nobody can notice the deviations and opportunities for improvement. Petkafy allows You to see and demonstrate significant peformance indicators both for Your monthly reporting or for daily planning without any additional effort.

Almost all of Petkafy data tables allow sorting and filtering of data and You can turn off and on data series on any chart, so You can eliminate the things that You know are irrelevant and focus on the issues that are most significant to Your company and processes.

And if You still would like to process the data further for some unforeseen reason, You can simply copy and paste the contents of any Petkafy data table into an Excel file.

Real Time Overview with a Single Click

Monthly Stoppage StatisticsBased on Your products master data and production reports Petkafy automatically generates manufacturing statistics and visualizes the data on charts. This way You will not have to process anything in Excel or search for significant trends manually again and can simply view, print or render the charts wherever You need them.

More than Production

Delivery Precision DashboardBut it does not stop only with the manufacturing statistics, because in addition to this Petkafy also visualizes Your purchasing, sales, delivery and quality performance, so it is more than a simple Manufacturing Execution System, but can even be called a management system for the whole company.

At the moment Petkafy covers the following areas with statistics and tools for analysis (read more by clicking on the listed items):

  • OEE
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Stoppages and Machine Usage
  • Scrap and Quality
  • Operator Efficiency
  • Supplier Performance
  • Delivery Performance
  • Sales Values and Quantities
Constantly Evolving with Your Company

This list will be growing constantly, because there are more ideas than we can ever realize and we already have tens of additional prototype views that will make Petkafy even better for Your company. However, if You would like us to include something that You think would be beneficial, just give us a note and we will certainly consider or maybe even implement it with our next update.