• Maintenance planMachines, tools and auxiliary equipment maintenance administration
  • Service intervals based on working hours, production cycles and time
  • Maintenance instructions (including photos)
  • Maintenance planning based on demand plan
  • Floor level maintenance task creation including photos
  • Maintenance reporting including photos
  • Unlimited tool BOM levels
  • Production and lifetime history of each tool component
  • Tool breakdown locationsPointing out breakdown locations on tool layout images
  • Live production cycles and hours input from production monitoring
  • Spare part stock management
  • Unique spare parts lifetime dynamics with unlimited characteristics
  • Automatic notifications
  • Statistics and analysis including breakdown heatmaps


  • Stock valueReal time stock
  • Location control
  • Batch traceability with unlimited related characteristics
  • Unique items (i.e. serial no.) traceability from purchasing to delivery
  • Full traceability of each transaction with stock log
  • Stock value and turnover analysis