We are dedicated to developing the best production management software for plastics processing companies.

It all started back in 2004 in Promens AS (one of the leading plastics processing companies in the world today) where we saw that an all-mighty ERP cannot be used for operational production management and Excel is no good, because the files are easy to mess up and do not provide the functionality You would expect from software solutions, such as automatic notifications, real time charts, deeply structured and linked data overviews, visual continuity and collaborative data input or processing. So we started to develop our own system and since then the cooperation with Promens continues without any signs of slowing down.

In 2007 we decided it was time to start providing our software and services also to other customers and founded TJ Süsteemiarendus Ltd. to continue developing Petkafy as something You could call our trademark. Co-operation with several companies has made us realize that when it comes to processing plastics, we all have pretty similar processes and issues that need to be handled. Solving these issues has been a lot of fun and we are truly proud to see that our systems are used today to run the leading manufacturing companies that are producing parts for automotive, electronics and medical OEM-s, such as ABB, GE Healthcare, GM, Ford, Volvo, Scania and many others.

Production management software can only be great if its developers have deep knowledge of the actual manufacturing, its processes, problems and requirements and are professionally involved in it every day.

The core team of TJS has always been in the front line of manufacturing instead of software engineering. Our job has been to manage the production, quality and development in electronics and automotive industry where it is absolutely vital to stay ahead of the competition in efficiency and quality performance. We know plastics and we know what it takes to successfully run a serial manufacturing company in this field of operation. We have developed Petkafy to achieve it.

In a way Petkafy is the result of everything we have learned and incorporates our knowledge of combined best practices in the leading plastics processers. However, manufacturing companies, philosophies and ideas are constantly evolving and there are endless opportunities for smart use of manufacturing and supporting data, so Petkafy can never be complete and must evolve with You. There are updates and new features added to Petkafy every day and mostly You will not even notice it, because in today’s world it feels natural that the software is not something out of the box with fixed and limited possibilities, but is getting better and growing together with You.

Production management software cannot be static, but must continuously develop and evolve with Your company.

We are working at full speed to make and keep sure that Petkafy is the most innovative and simple yet powerful operational production management system for plastics manufacturers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if You have any questions regarding Petkafy or ideas for improvement. It is our sincere pleasure to help You.