Any modern production management software would be incomplete without capability to monitor your production online in real time. Petkafy has a companion called SenSei (derived from Estonian words Sensor and Seire, where the first word is obviously sensor and the second one means monitoring) for just this purpose and it is fully integrated with all other production and maintenance functionality available in Petkafy.

Petkafy SenSei Production Timeline

Petkafy SenSei offers you the freedom to check your production runs progress and production line statuses in real time wherever you are, because it comes with a powerful and handy Android application called FactoryFloor in addition to regular Petkafy web views.

The same application can be used to display machine status and production timeline at respective machines and this allows the operators to:

  • log their working hours,
  • start new production runs,
  • confirm produced ok part and scrap quantities,
  • state stoppage causes and
  • give real time comments on the same timeline visible and commentable by other Petkafy users in the office.

Stoppage StatisticsTimeline and stoppage statistics is available for each monitored production line complemented with comments, so you can properly tackle the task of downtime reduction and improve your manufacturing efficiency. You can also display the timeline of all or selected production lines anywhere in your manufacturing site for easy and immediate targeting of production stops and deviations.

Production PlanThe data collected from real-time production monitoring including automatically counted production quantities is used as input for production planning, so the planner can see progress of plans and make decisions in case of deviations or need for planning adjustments.

As a bonus the collected stoppage and manufacturing data (production hours and cycles) are also used as input for maintenance planning, so your tools and machines are automatically counting the correct values towards regular maintenance intervals even if you never bother implementing any production reporting at all.

FactoryFloor MaintenanceStopping here would be great already, but to provide just a bit more value for everyday use we have integrated maintenance reporting including instructions in the same Android based FactoryFloor application, so you are fully mobile to report breakdowns as well as completed maintenance tasks directly on the factory floor and illustrate the reports with photos taken in real time with the same Android device.