Petkafy Delivery Precision DashboardDelivery Precision dashboard is generated automatically based on Your actual delivery performance as soon as Your sales data (delivery schedule) is available. You are immediately able to see the delivery performance of a single customer or a group of customers in any selected period and You can view the overall results, but if needed You are able to dig deeper and get the data of each delivered item or an item group.

By default the delivery precision calculation tolerances are based on general automotive approach – You should deliver the correct quantity on exactly the right day. However, we do understand that there can be different rules of how to calculate delivery precision and depending on Your customers it might be so that it is ok to deliver a bit earlier than actually ordered or You might be allowed to deliver slightly more than has been agreed.

Petkafy Delivery Precision ToleranceThis is why Petkafy allows You to specify delivery precision tolerances for each of Your customers. For example, if Your tolerance allows You to deliver a day earlier from the ordered delivery date and You occasionally do so, Your delivery performance will be 100% even though the ordered and the actual delivery dates do not match. The same goes for quantities.

Petkafy Delivery Precision Manual CorrectionWe know that depending on real life agreements and philosophies sometimes even this will not do and You might need to override the data based values, may the specific case benefit Your company or not. Petkafy is a flexible system and in case of such exceptions Your authorized users can manually state the actual delivery performance of each of Your delivery lines and this statement will be used to calculate the overall performance figures.